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All of our vegetables are picked & packed by hand in the same day to ensure the freshest and highest quality. Blaze's Beans brine is an all natural recipe and has won several awards since 1994.

Grilled Peppers, Pickled Asparagus, Carrots, Sweet Peppers, Demitri's Bloody Mary / Caesar mix & his Bacon Rim Salt

Pickled Vegetables

The Best Damn Spicy Pickled Vegetables

The company, Blaze's Beans, has been making pickled green beans in Vancouver, Canada, since 1995. It's founder, Blaze Denoon developed the now very popular Blaze's Beans recipe to make a spicy pickled green bean to garnish the Caesar drinks which up until that time had been garnished with a boring and plain tasting celery stick. (The Caesar is the Canadian version of the American favorite bar drink The Bloody Mary).

This privately owned company has grown to meet increasing demand from the popularity of this all-natural pickled green bean. Over the years Blaze has continued to meet consumers needs for retail and food service customers alike. The product is now available in 3 different pack sizes, 750ml glass jar (retail and food service), 473ml glass jar (retail) and a food distributor bulk pack polybag/box (food service only), for bars, restaurants and pubs.

Our motto "The Best Damn Spicy Beans" is an affirmation of our belief that we make the best pickled green beans on the market today. Other companies over the years have tried to duplicate our secret recipe/process, this is a testament to our superior bean and we take every attempt as a compliment to our quality product. Others may try, but our beans are the best, we are the bean that all others are now compared to.

As this company continues to grow into the other provinces it has formed an alliance with Motts Clamato juice to cross promote our beans at the food service level with the best Clamato juice on the market today. Incidentally, Clamato juice was created in Calgary, Alberta back in the 60's by a local bartender, which has similar story lines to the Blaze's Beans history.

Our current future markets for the beans include, USA, Mexico, Europe and Asia.
If you are interested in brokering or distribution for these new markets please contact us.

We opened up our Blaze's Beans FDA APPROVED processing facility in Culiacan, Mexico in 2007! - We are also capable of co-packing vegetables for the North American market!
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